Why is the Nigerian Music Industry Successful?

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I m tempted to start this blog post with “We the best!!!!! who?!!! we!!!!” but that’s not what this post is about. As a child of the 90s, born in the late 80s and came to adulthood in the 2000s I grew up mostly loving foreign/american music. When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Michael Jackson, had a few VCRs recordings of his music videos and concerts. I used to practice the moves and would bust a move at parties I was invited to as a kid. Then at some point in the 90s I think it was 94’ I fell in love with hip-hop and my younger self really really was a fan of Tupac. I believed in the West Coast part of that beef, finger signs and all. At some point after Tupac and Biggie were killed I moved on to being a Nas and then a Jay-Z fan. Sided with Nas in that beef but that doesn’t matter now. Basically my point is that, although there was Nigerian music being made around this time I don’t think it was as popular. From the top of my head, I remember Ras Kimono, Daniel Wilson, Blacky, Junior and Pretty, Oliver De Coque, Eddy Remedy, Maintain, Plantashun boiz, Tony Tetuila eventually ( Trivia: What Nigerian musicians do you remember from the 90s and early 2000s?). Of course there were outliers like Fela who were popular even then.
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My top naija jams of the moment (what I play in the car)

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This is kind of my top Nigerian jams of the moment. In no particular order

Ten over ten – Naeto-C

With Naeto-C, I would say I was a pick and choose fan. I felt he definitely had that smooth delivery and charisma and he did not disappoint with this song. I am definitely copping his album. Top five Nigerian hip hop artist hands down

Tease me – Wizkid

The beat on this track goes hard and this song made me start using the term “Bad guyz” on the regular to refer to a singular bad guy.

Boyz don hammer – Terry Da Rapman

This song is a bit old but I recently got on it and the rest is history

Oleku – Ice Prince

Lovely jam, lovely beat. Catchy as hell.

Only me – 2face

Of course 2face will be on my list. After all, the guy is our very own Nigerian Ambassador of music. If you havent copped his album, you are on a long thing

For the sake of not making this super long, i ll just the rest of my jams.

Life anaganga – Timaya ft M.I, Champion – General Pype, Eldee – One day, Fimile – Kas, Aladaalada – Flavor