PSA: Tips to Meeting People Online

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Now I wouldn’t call myself a subject matter expert on meeting people online but I do have a fair amount of friends or acquaintances that are friends or acquaintances because of twitter, instagram, this blog, maybe snapchat and other social media spaces. Fun fact, I once “dated” a girl online for almost 2 years if my memory serves well without ever meeting her. This was in the days of yahoo messenger and myspace before I ever had a Facebook account. I was in Nigeria, she was in the US. We bonded over our mutual love for Eminem. Yes he of Marshall Mather LP. Great rapper but I think I stopped paying attention after Slim Shady Show. I eventually came to the US within this time but we never got to meet. Don’t judge! I was 16, finished secondary school and was bored at home. The cybercafe was my friend and I was applying for colleges.

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The One Where I Was Depressed

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The world can be quite depressing these days if you choose to look at all the poop going on. There is ISIS/IL, there is BH, AL-Shabaab, The Ukraine Crisis, The one in Syria, Libya, The ebola outbreak, HIV is still there trying to make folk guilty for not using rubbers since the 80s and of course when it comes to the personal life there will always be issues that can gang up to make you feel like the world is so cold. Be it the loss of a loved one, your search for a loved one/mate of the soul, money problems, fear of the unknown, those witches from the village that just wont let you be etc. At the end of the day, depression is quite a real thing and I know I must have been depressed at some point in my life.
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