A Way Belated Happy New Year

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Hi readers,

I know it is the end of January but better late than never. Happy New Year my people! Hope the year has started well for you. Mine has been cool. Not the most uneventful but I am taking it in stride. Did not really make a resolution but I had a theme for the year, the year of completion. I finish a program I am on at work, collect my masters degree, build my house, maybe finish my belated app project (might be looking for software developers), exorcise the demons in my life and while I am at it maybe I will tie the knot. Who knows?! The theme is completion! Read the rest of this entry »


Birthdays, Born Days and Frivolities…

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Cakes, Prayers, Good Wishes, Parties, Sex, Leather pants and whips, Alcohol, Tipsy, Pictures, Fun. These are what birthdays are made of. Well that and reflection. Perhaps I should change the name of this blog to diaries of His Royal Highness because it seems this blog has taken a detour into the personal realm of a recovering overthinking lil bish. Enough of the compliments, today is my birthday (I share the birthday with Muhammad Ali, Benjamin Franklin, Jim Carrey…)! Somebody scream hallelujah, say alhamdullahi (sp anyone?) and whatever it is buddhists and atheists say because today was the day all those years ago my wonderful mother gave birth to me (you can tell I am a little bit of a mummy’s boy but then I m also daddy’s boy too).

I am thankful for all the people I have been opportune to know and/or meet in my life. I am thankful for those that have been a blessing to me and those who have made my life difficult. I thank both subsets of people because somewhere in the happiness, sadness, guilt, broken hearts and all lies a period of man whore behavior, no just kidding or am I? What I was trying to say before my silly side kicked in is that you have all helped to build my character and I am still learning the meaning of life, love and everything in between. I am thankful for my family and friends, thank you for bearing with me. I can be so much in my head sometimes and like to handle my problems by myself, I have just recently learnt how to share my problems with people and it feels so much better than bottling things up. Thank you to all lovers and ex-lovers, thanks for the memories mostly, life would be so boring without those experiences.

What do I want for my birthday? *Sings All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe* Hmm what do I want. Obviously wealth, happiness and all that. I want to find my soulmate and I hope that when I do I recognize her and not be so busy licking belly shots and consuming copious amounts of bourbon (Btw I think an Old Fashioned might be my new favorite cocktail, thank you London for that). I want my family and friends to be happy and prosper (and yes that includes you who read this blog, I pray that for blessing me with the gift of your time to read my nonsense yarns, may you not want for anything in your life, may you be happy and fulfilled in all that you do). I want to go back or become more intellectual. I remember college nights when my friends and I would have drinks and discuss philosophy, life and so many things, we used to call it our symposium (good times!). I want to travel more and meet new and exciting people. I want Nigeria to be better. I want to have the strength of mind to be more charitable like resolved to be in the new year. I want confidence and a recognition of my inner sexiness and good heart.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Me! I am currently in London and will be out and partying tonight. Adieu! XO

Birthday, Freaky Friday and Kama Farouk

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So the 17th of January was my birthday. His Royal Highness, the Kpoi Kpoi of Waffi Kingdom, the Prince of Zamunda aka DJ Zamunda aka Usain Bolt eats my dust aka Adamawa boy toh bad turned the big Quarter Century. I share my birthday with Muhammad Ali (Maybe I am the greatest?). I guess I m a young old man. I can hear you saying, “Is he really that young? He talks like he is way older.” Shrug. It seems that this blog has become more personal. Growth? Retardation? I have no idea. I have become numb to what is going on in the world. Add to that being so busy with work and training and being more of less satisfied and mentally/emotionally balanced and you have a blogger that does not blog as much. What?! Sue me! Nah, I m kidding. You know I love you.

So what did I do for my birthday? Hmmm…ate like a fat kid…cake and pizza. Had a pretty good day, there was an outpouring of love, from friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers. My twitter, facebook, phone and even skype was pretty busy all day. Had a few drinks with the homies late at night after attempting to study and then it was copulus maximus before bed (decode if you will). The actual party or something like it will be on Saturday. Its about to be legendary!

All in all, I had a great birthday. Thank you everyone.
On to the madness of the day, today is Friday and I pretty much going to be busy with work and studying. Got a test tomorrow so no TGIF. Anyhoo, here is a little something I cooked up, will call it “Freaky Friday” or “Kama Farouk”. Think Kama Sutra by Sir Farouk. Stay tuned…

“She held my hand and dragged me into her inner sanctum with pleading eyes and persuasive hips. The room was warm and cool at the same time. Warm to the body but cool in its calmness. I looked ahead to the bed, anxious of what seemed sure to follow. She reached forth her hand to my cheeks and directed my gaze to hers. Needless to say my paramour had quite the set of hypnotic eyes. It was as though the eyes drew me closer to her as I leaned in to plant a kiss on her lips. She responded with a silent coo and kissed me back as I could sense our collective temperatures rising. Her breathing was one of a lady anticipating something great; it was measured yet fast paced. I would like to say mine was cool as a cucumber but alas she had me all hot and bothered. As both our lips parted and my tongue engaged in a sultry dance with hers gently touching and caressing it, my hands slowly worked their away along the length and breadth of her body as she held on to me. My fingers walked on her bare skin sending a trickle of a tickle and I noticed a trace of an electric response from her.

As we moved closer to the bed in what can best be described as synchronized passion I could feel the blood coursing through my veins and arteries all going to the same destination leaving me light headed. Engorged with passion yet tactical in my approach, I kissed her on the neck ever gently nibbling and caressing the nape of her neck with my lips.

As though called upon by the force of gravity, I could not resist the pull of her centre of gravity as it drew me downwards and I kissed my way down there savoring each and each every contact my lips made with her wayward yet cherub like skin. Along the way I made a pit stop at her oh so succulent and tender mammaries with her nipples poised and standing at attention. It was a salute to the salivary prowess of my tongue and the sensory transmittal of my hands and the reception of her skin. It was heaven to touch and taste. My tongue swirling round the areola, occasionally stopping to suckle lightly, my hands moving ahead of my tongue to what could be termed her pleasure spot. I rubbed it gently for you see it was as though it had a magical connection to her brain and her mouth. Her bodily reaction told me if was doing the right thing or not.

While rubbing, my tongue finally caught up with my fingers. The fingers entered into her cave of wonders and then wiggled and bent in various directions while I recited my alphabets with my tongue. Over time my alphabet had improved and going by her bodily reaction I must have far exceeded basic reading and was reading at a mensah level with my tongue….

After I had felt that I had done enough prep work and served the appetizers, it seemed that the time for the main course had come going by her pleading for it….”

To be continued, stay tuned for part 2 (you might grow old waiting). Alas, I feel that for me to divulge any more, I would stand the change of being exposed for the hedonist I am and be accused of not being a gentleman. I have always wanted to try sensual writing.

TGIF Folks, Comment, Judge, Interact, Criticize, Share. I d love to hear your thoughts or um experiences…