The One Year Hangover from Change

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The messiah of Nigeria and supreme anti corruption crusader who is friend to everybody and belongs to nobody (who cares what he said, he translated hausa to english and thought it would sound as good, it sounds better in hausa) has spent a year in office. We have had a year of the party who came onboard with the change mantra in power. I bet over this weekend we have read thousands of articles about this and I guess this is one more. Before I go ahead I would like to acknowledge that the PDP gave us 16 years of mediocre leadership and oversaw a kleptocracy which led to the limiting of the potential that is Nigeria. Whatever successes they might have had, Nigeria could have been a lot better; before someone enumerates the ways in which PDP succeeded I am neither a PDP nor APC voltron. My name is HRH SIR Farouk and I just want to make esoteric sense because obviously if I wanted to make common sense then what I would say would lack any insight and be the same with what any Tolu, Dike or Hassan would say. Anyway so a year after changing the party in charge and leadership, how do Nigerians feel?

On the positive end of things, the government has attempted to pursue its anticorruption fight with what seems like serious vigor, albeit that vigor does seem biased against PDP members and accomplices. If we are to be honest, Nigerians voted Buhari for his anticorruption antecedents and I think they got what they voted for: a man who seeks ye first the kingdom and anticorruption and lets all other things in the country suffer. I have followed the corruption trials and intrigues and from what I can tell we have jettisoned innocent before proven guilty and gone for the off with their heads route (french revolution style), the people are asking for the blood of the corrupt Nigerians. Or are they? Mr president we need you to prosecute a major APC chieftain on corruption charges and publicize and make a media kangaroo trial like you have done for many of the suspects thus far.

Another positive until recently was security. The Boko Haram menace has been mitigated to an extent and people in my home region of the Northeast are almost getting back to some semblance of normalcy. However in recent time there has been a resurgence of the niger delta militancy and the menace of the herdsmen have spread to the south.

Negatives? The economy has gone to the shitter. We are an import based economy and the exchange rate to the dollar and so on is so high. The oil price and has been down for a while and instead of ramping up production we have halved production thanks to the avengers of the Niger delta. Of course millions of people have lost their job because obviously no matter how you spin it a lot of industries in nigeria support the oil and gas industry and if the oil and gas industry is facing a hard time a lot of people will lose their jobs. Inflation is real nowadays, governments are finding it hard to pay salaries and unemployment is on the increase and with it an increase in crime and social vices (insert my made up graph and chart that proves my point). we have hardly seen an economic direction from this government and their budget was controversial to say the least. We thought Fashola would perform wonders in the power sector, alas we still have no power. Maybe he was just packaging for us all those years in Lagos. Who knows? Nigerians suffered a long period of fuel scarcity followed by an increase in fuel prices. Did I mention that a lot of the appointments of this administration seem to favor a particular ethnoreligious group? Come on Buhari, we are at a point in this nation that almost every part of the country have qualified people to be in your government why not apply the same federal character we in the north seem to champion to your appointments? Or are you just interested in buttressing the opinion that you an ethnic jingoist and religious bigot who would never want to see “arna” have a place in your government? Ethnic and religious representation aside, how about gender? how about youth? For a progressive party, the APC has not fully represented the plurality of the Nigerian people and hence obviously it is suffering from a lack of diverse ideas on how to take the nation forward.

One year on and I would say I am very disappointed in this government. There is no spin to it, they have not met expectations, a good part of the last year has been spent blaming Jonathan’s government. Yes we know Jonathan’s government was the worst in the world but Buhari, what have you done who you app?


What do you think of one year after change? What has this government achieved? Where have they failed? What can they do to improve?


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