The Gay Conspiracy Against Africa

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Lately at work and everywhere I go here in Nigeria people are talking about how there is some sort of gospel of gayness and America has appointed itself as the prophet charged with spreading this gay agenda to the world. It is apparently an agenda that says we shall all engage in copious amounts of butt sex and be proud. Oh yeah I have also heard a version that says this somewhat heralds the end of the world. To all that I say, how does that affect the price of petrol in Nigeria?

Now I believe I have made my position on homosexuality known in an earlier write up about the gay bill (here). Back to the topic, is there some sort of gay conspiracy to take over the world and have all of us sipping drinks out of straws, swatting invisible flies while gesticulating and talking to people and continually pursing and pouting our lips like someone dropped some rotten cabbages nearby and forced us to eat? I doubt it. Although we do live in the era of equal opportunity television where a lot of tv shows have diverse casts and for hollywood where most of our entertainment comes from in America, gayness/LGBT is a diverse grouping that needs representing. Hence the gay characters on everything from Tyrant, Empire, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, etc (I probably know more TV shows than this but drawing a blank).

I do not know if being gay is something you are born with, something you grow into, or a combination of both. What I do know is that if America is fighting for anything it is not to impose gayness on Africa. It is gay rights and what that means to me is fighting for the right for two consenting adults to engage in sexual acts in the privacy of their rooms without being stigmatized by society or prejudiced. I know Nigerians especially live in an amebo culture where we constantly poke our nose into other people’s business but really does the fact that Steve is fucking James going to affect the price of garri or alomo on the street. Frankly with our overgrowing population, perhaps we could do with a few people deciding not to have kids. Of course, having an underground gay population means that such people are not protected from exploitation and risk. Do gay couples in many African countries receive enough information and counseling about STDs? We are too concerned with them having anal sex.

That’s another thing. I could swear anal sex is on the upswing in African countries especially amongst the cosmopolitan set. Now all I need to do is produce some bullshit survey that says more people are taking it in the ass in Africa than they did 10 or 20 years ago and I might not be wrong.

Of course there is a case for biblical and religious blah blah against homosexuality. I read that sentence, observe it for a while and observe not to talk about it. There is also the matter that majority of populations in most African countries do not openly support gayness. Now I said openly because I feel that attitudes are changing, what was once vehement homophobia might be slowly becoming slight disgust. Progress? Well we will take our lube when we see it.

If America is really trying to lobby African countries to be more open to gayness and gay rights, they have to tap into the attitudes of most Africans. Because the governments act typically in the interest of the majority.

Anyway, those are my two African cents on the gay conspiracy to turn the continent into a rainbow continent. No gays or lesbians were harmed in writing this post. I promise. I am LGBT friendly and have the American Liberal University degree to prove it. So folk, do you think there is a conspiracy by America to make us embrace gayness? What do you think of gayness? Is it something you are born with or grow into? Did you have those guy friends who acted like ladies growing up? Are surprised they are married with kids? Are they in the closet? Are you in the closet? Let’s discuss!


4 thoughts on “The Gay Conspiracy Against Africa

    Louis said:
    July 31, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    I think it’s both. Nature and nurture, and how they interact. There’s a continuum of homosexuality. It just depends onyour genes, how you were raised, and what situations you face in your life.

    The US is trying to export it’s values for sure. but the values we already have were imported from the West as well. Pentecostal churches etc all focus on banning homosexuality because they are losing ground in the US and so on so they’re here in Africa as a final frontier to recreate an ideal Theocratic country. same principle of exportation holds for Islam

    There’s also patriarchy. Homosexuality threatens patriarchy because it puts some men in a role that women should play, thus demystifying the special rights and roles of men. If a man can be effeminate, should the leader role always be reserved for men? That’s a threat that adultery etc don’t carry.

    justvou said:
    July 31, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Spot on! How does two men having sex with each other fix the dangerous highways we have? How does it increase the value of Naira? Does publicly shaming homosexuals automatically better the perception of Nigeria internationally?
    Nature or nurture, how does that matter really? We shall all stand before God individually to give account of our sins. Our stance on the whole “gay agenda,” doesn’t score us more points before God on judgement day. Live and let live. While we’re at it, I want to start a petition for our law makes to consider drafting a law that mandates 14 years prison sentence for anyone caught lying. I’m fighting for equality of all sins here.

    Tola said:
    August 4, 2015 at 1:48 am

    The photo you shared is from South Africa’s first traditional gay wedding. Interestingly enough, Mandela has anti-LGBT discrimination statutes put into constitution when he negotiated the end of Apartheid. I would argue that without that kind of precedent, South Africa would have found it much harder to make that battle.

    Africans like to think that there’s a big American Gay Conspiracy, but South Africa beat the US to the punch by more than a decade. Besides, an overwhelming level of evidence suggests that the exact opposite is true. Many American Conservative Christian organizations help to influence and possibly write sections of anti-gay legislation all over Africa. In fact, LGBT members of some African countries have tried to prosecute some US Evangelists who advocated for such laws. See here:

    In short, Africans are right. There’s a huge American conspiracy about Gay Rights in Africa. It’s just not the kind that everyone thinks exists.

    Chidubem Chianakwana said:
    February 24, 2017 at 2:07 am

    The person who rote this article, “The Gay Conspiracy Against Africa” are you now saying that being gay is a good thing? I don’t know. I was born Christian and I will remain a Christian, since I’m a Christian, I will not be gay (or I am not already, if you were born with it) it is also a sin against the bible to support Gay people in their act of being gay. I don’t know how a male will be born with sexual interests with another male person. If you say it’s normal, then why were the both of them born with penises or is it some type of abnormality in new born children that they grow with? Till now, I don’t know if they grew with it or that it’s something you can choose to be. No hate at all to gay people but by speaking my mind, I’ll say that it is wrong biologically and biblically because a penis was meant for a vagina not a penis for a penis and the bible forbids it.

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