A Nation to Save Africa and The Black Race

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I wanted to write something in honor of Black History/Heritage Month which is celebrated February in the US. I m not in the US anymore, havent visited in some years but going to college there gave me an appreciation of black history and a more pan-black/african mindset. The other day I thought to myself, wouldnt it be interesting to name one of the kids I havent had yet Malcolm Xavier F so in essence he would be Malcolm X F and then give my other kid Martin/Martina. Anyway I was reading Obasanjo’s book and he made a point that struck me as true: Nigeria should have been the beacon of hope for Africa and heck the entire black race. Heck we should have been what Israel is to the Jewish race (clears throat before the Jewish mafia put out a hit on me, No antisemitism implied at at all), a sort of chosen people to show the rest of the black race and heck the world how it should be done.

Nigeria by virtue of its population and abundance of resources and no I m not just talking about Oil, the country has so many other resources that have been untapped or misused; could have been the country that by virtue of it’s wealth funded and promoted racial equality, funded and supported initiatives that encouraged black empowerment, served as a link to the diaspora and took a fatherly role in resolving conflicts on the continent and beyond. The country should have championed pan-africanism in the post independence era instead of being part of the cynics who helped to create a lukewarm OAU which had little or no balls in world affairs. The way socialism was an ideology that drove Cuba to send support to rebel groups in Africa, Black empowerment would have been a cause that saw a nation like Nigeria with it’s potential wealth and influence be a nation no one wanted to piss off and as such listened to it when it threatened any nation that showed racial discrimination with sanctions. By virtue of its population, it could have been an economic and industrial powerhouse of the likes of China.

Alas we are a far way away from this destination if we are ever going to reach it. We have squandered our giant of Africa title when in fact we should have been not only a giant of Africa but a big brother to the black race. How are we to become a powerhouse for Africa and the black race when we cannot get along within ourselves in the context of ethnic groups, religions and political affiliations? How do we become a giant when we cannot even conduct a civil census or election without ramping up the tension? Blame the colonials all you want but Nigeria squandered it’s chance to lead the charge to a stronger African and black power bloc dictating the affairs of the human race.

In summary, Black and African Power! What role do you think Nigeria should play in African development? When do you think we will get our shit together? How do we tap the vast resources of the African and black diaspora for our empowerment? How do we get our shit together?


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