Dear APC/PDP Voltrons on Social Media

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Dear Die Hard APC and PDP People who sit on social media (especially twitter) and bully the rest of us when we try to express our somewhat neutral and objective views and who refuse to listen to reason,

Screw you! May you choke on your sanctimonious eba/pounded yam/tuwo while typing from your fake accounts on twitter. Yes I said it, you do not deserve the civility you deny other people on social media. Screw your #Ihavedecided #transformation #marchforgej and other bullshit hashtags with no lubrication. You are what is wrong with the country parading as agents of change and transformation. Instead of winning the undecided with facts and smart arguments you sit around and insult people. How is that change or transformation? (Isnt it messed up that the slogans for both campaigns are basically synonyms, significance? They are the same!) The thugs that are hired by parties or the soldiers and security forces that are used to strangle the people’s will arent different from people that go to the internet and proceed to verbally assault people who disagree with them or verbally assault them. You my dear friends are social thugs, uncouth incompetent uncivilized thugs that are an embarrassment to democracy and it’s ideals.

Cyber-bullies of the highest order, these men and women who often times accuse the opposing parties candidate of not being for free speech or of using the might of government to rig or manipulate elections are themselves enemies of freedom and free speech. Free speech to my understanding gives me the right to express my opinion and if my opinion is in disagreement with yours you are allowed to make your argument using points and facts. Intelligent people and the more sophisticated of the human race make arguments with verifiable facts and do not result to blatant insults to get their points across. I weep for my country and my generation because what people display on social media is that objectivity is by and large dead in our nation and civil discussion and intelligent debate is in a comatose state.

The same people that insult each other in social media now as youths will grow up to be the politicians that tomorrow break maces on people’s heads while fighting on the legislature floor. It is a slow decline that portends a bleak future for the nation. Of course there are those in the minority who respect the views of others and when in disagreement politely state their argument. To those I say, you are the future of a refined and progressive Nigeria. We should never be way too passionate about anything that we lose our ability to reason and be civil ( yes religion, I m talking to you too)

Why the not so epic rant? Earlier today, I tried to civilize a pig headed savage (twitter handle – @gbengagold) by simply pointing out that a statement he made about a video of the vice president saying his party was a muslim party was taken out of context based on what I read elsewhere. The man probably took a look at my handle name which is Farouk and made a snap judgement that a) I am a muslim b) I am probably a PDP supporter and took to insulting me and telling me he has a friend that was lost in the kaduna riot. Of course I tried my best to restrain from insulting the man and eventually reported the wawa to twitter for abuse.

We have to say no to these APC and PDP stans running around twitter and facebook. When you come across one spouting falsehoods make it a point to correct them. If they reply with insults report them to the social media, let’s not keep quiet. It is time for the non-partisan objective people to be vocal.

Sorry about the rant, had to vent. Have you had an experience with any of these APC/PDP stans in this election period? What happened? And who was it? Let’s name and shame the bigots and pig headed people amongst us. How do we quel this behavior? Is objectivity and intelligent debate truly dead in Nigeria


5 thoughts on “Dear APC/PDP Voltrons on Social Media

    hasselbach said:
    February 11, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    I was really looking forward to express
    my dissatisfaction on the PDP & APC faithfuls.
    Sorry to say, the worst of them are the APCs.
    Anyone who is not in support of GMB is
    seen as a bad person.
    Why this nonsense?

      Olusegun said:
      February 11, 2015 at 10:30 pm

      True! it’s the APC supporters that seem to be more obvious; though I think it’s just because there’re more of them on social media, and they are being led by the so-called ‘activists’ who have had their followers for a while now.

    hasselbach said:
    February 11, 2015 at 6:53 pm

    When will the Nigerian youths become wise?
    The children of these Politicians are in Europe and America, while we’re here insulting ourselves on social media for their sake.
    Pls, this is democracy and everyone should be given a fair chance to air their views. Afterall, everyone has the reason why he/she is in support of the candidate of his/her choice.
    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Olusegun said:
    February 11, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    Oh yes! its soo annoying. Have you heard the new word “Fencist”? Apparently, it’s a word for objective people who are yet to be convinced that GMB is an angel sent from heaven to liberate Nigeria; a divine agent of change (not “transformation” o!)

      Sir Farouk responded:
      February 22, 2015 at 3:29 pm

      in that case I am proudly Fencist. I am far from convinced that either candidate is worth anything but as a dutiful Nigerian I will select who I feel is best come March.

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