When My Thoughts and Some Topics Collide…

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Here’s the thing, this blog is not frequent and I guess I owe those who still read me an apology. Someone that meant a lot of me told me that I should post more. This is where I will put on my litany of excuses from being too busy with school, work, attempting to have a social life, have a love life, not be a drunk man-whore who does not follow through on ideas and still not shut out friends and family to plain being too cautious about what I write (problems of a chronic overthinker).

I guess you are here for my thoughts huh. Well here a few of my thoughts on a things that have crossed my mind in the past few weeks

I wouldn’t be much of a Nigerian or bleed green if I did not express my sadness at the death of the school children in Yobe. My fellow bloggers have done a great job of expressing the outrage, sadness and thoughts of many Nigerians. My heart goes out to the families of these children and the many who have lost their lives in the violence in the NE. It has been a massacre in that part of the country. The death of even one Nigerian should not be taken lightly.

On the boko haram insurgency/war/violence or however we chose to phrase the problems going on in the NE. I am no General or military mastermind but my thoughts are that we need a better intelligence network even if it means paying locales for information given that aids in destruction of BH. We need to infiltrate the group as well. We need more coordination between the airforce and army, bomb their hideouts and have a tactical team of army officers mop up the survivors. We need to close the border and have tight patrols running through the areas with strategic forts along the border. Air reconnaissance and surveillance is also key. Technology is also our friend. I think the politicizing of the crisis should stop, all people regardless of party affiliations should work with the government to stop the insurgency as soon as possible.

I am one of those cynics that believe the APC is not fundamentally different from the PDP. However, I am of the opinion that Nigerians need an equally powerful option to balance the dominance of the PDP and APC appears to give that option. That is not to discount the fact that APC has some governors that appear to have performed, Fashola in particular stands out. Like I have said either in this blog or real life, it is important for the APC to gain enough of the legislature and win states in order to give us the necessary check and balance that our democracy has been lacking since forever. As for the presidential race, I think it is open depending on who APC pick as their flag bearers. I personally favor a Fashola/Tambuwal or Kwankwaso ticket. Yes I said Fashola for president. If APC is interested in showing it is above the regional politics and to be frank as a “northerner” I really do not see what “we” have to offer. Of course all predictions for the coming 2015 elections will have to factor in the effect of money, rigging, regional and religious baiting and other typical Nigerian election factors. The hallmarks of Nigerian democracy.

On the national conference, I am going to be cynical and call it a jamboree made for the government and Jonathan to mop up some funds for the coming election. It smells of insincerity. I believe every group and constituency needs to be represented and all ethnic groups including the much maligned “minorities” deserve the right to pick their representatives who will speak for them otherwise the whole exercise is futile.

Speaking of democracy, I definitely think the Abacha children should have kept mum about what Soyinka said. To every child, their father is a symbol and it is hard to destroy the image they have of him. However, the father in question is alleged to have looted billions and killed many of his opponents. The thing with Nigeria is that as long as the government of the time continues to loot and engage in corrupt practices as well as continue to allow Nigerians suffer there will remain people (as myopic as they are) who will look back in fondness to the Abacha regime mainly because of the human minds ability to remember things better than they are, the fact that they might not have been directly affected by his brutal regime (in a way all Nigerians were but I mean having a relative killed, etc), or they are northern regionalists who believe in the north’s birthright to rule (and see GEJ as an unworthy southerner in comparison to Abacha, yes ppl like this exist!) or people who see the tough goggle wearing general as a a man who would have crushed BH with one finger. These people forget that the Abacha years might be a disgrace to most populous black nation on earth.

Speaking of blackness and the beauty of the black race one cant help but talk about Lupita N’yongo who seems to be the black woman du jour and poster child for the black is beautiful crowd (I have been a fan of black is beautiful for years, Hollywood is carrying last on this). On the one hand, it is a great thing to see a talented and beautiful black woman like Lupita get the spotlight, it is truly inspirational and refreshing to see a well educated woman like her be the cat’s meow these days. On the other hand, call me politically correct but I find something wrong when people imply it is amazing for an actress so dark to be so talented and be so embraced by Hollywood. Something about the Hollywood buzz about her seems artificial and reminds of those white people who have what Teju Cole called the White Savior Industrial Complex. Don’t know if I m explaining it well, the focus needs to be her talent and not how dark a skin she has or that she is from Africa because that seems to objectify her and make her seem like a fad (Did that make me sound like a feminist?).

There was some kerfuffle on whether or not a woman should take her husband’s name. My opinion is that it would be between the woman and her husband. I do not mind the hyphenation option or if she has a good reason for not wanting my name. That being said I think for men in order to support the rights of women we need to keep an open mind and realize that a woman should have a right to make her choices in life without your judgment. Yes it sounds vague but I guess it is starting point. The post on feminism will come sometime I guess.

There you have it, here are my thoughts. People of the reading public, what say so? On any of these topics or other stuff happening around you.


3 thoughts on “When My Thoughts and Some Topics Collide…

    nwagoodluck said:
    April 4, 2014 at 7:16 am

    Reblogged this on PA CONSULTING and commented:
    When My Thoughts and Some Topics Collide…

    Mcbeechee said:
    April 8, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Are these like the only thoughts in your head? You don’t think much, do You? Loool jk. i think you covered the major thoughts in all our heads..what with the elections..BH…the borno ish sef.. Hehe our recently ‘spotlighted’ Luppy…yea…that’s about it..

      Sir Farouk responded:
      April 9, 2014 at 8:47 pm

      I know right? Lol! My head is pretty empty. We have so many problems in this country that I am tired.

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