Christmas Wishlist to Baby Jesus or Santa…

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Merry Christmas Everybody

Today might or might not be the day the Saviour of the Universe was born (Sings Saviour Saviour, Saviour hear my humble cry…), Some scholars believe the man we call The Christ might have been born in summer, perhaps a July baby. It is also said this day was put to replace a “pagan” holiday (One man’s pagan is another man’s truth). In my opinion, that isnt too important. What is important is that this is the day Christians have chosen to commemorate the birth of the one who came to save the world (think a religious Superman sent from heaven (read krypton) who came to die for all sins that will ever be committed). It is a day of joy and giving. Dont ask me how this has anything to do with Santa. I know there is a fat man who wears red and has a beard and a belly that can only be gotten from drinking too much beer (I think Santa favours Gulder – the champion beer of all potbellied men of Igbo extraction. jk or am I?)

I believe it is a custom to make a wish list for christmas and whoever is in charge, be it baby Jesus, Santa, Moses (Hanukkah?), Black Afrocentric Jesus (Kwanzaa – Black Christmas for Afro-Americans, I dont know what is politically correct these days) will sort it out, So here it goes

World Peace – Yes I know I sound like I am contesting for Miss World. Obviously I can contest, I have a sexy butt and I know it! But seriously though, there is a 7pm curfew in my hometown where I am spending christmas and It isnt funny. Along with World Peace, Can Jesus come and wipe out Boko Haram in Nigeria? Yes? No? That would be evil? Amen jor!

That all the political letter writing in Nigeria would translate into actual benefits for the people. May Nigeria become the land of plentiful moi moi and akara for all!

That the honorable Lady Farouk make herself known if she hasnt already and if she has may she love the man I was, the man I am and the man I am trying to be. Corollary to this, Jesus give your boy confidence, self esteem and patience to love at the right intensity ( I can be borderline obsessive when I m in love).

Somewhere in the wishlist is money, power and fame and the ability to use this when I get it to better the lives of others. I also wish for the ability to follow through on the millions of great ideas that I have.

I cant think of any more wishes. Drawing a blank and I think the scent or aroma of Jollof rice and Chicken has me confused and rushing to finish this post.

Once again, Merry Christmas Everybody live from Vimtim in Mubi, Adamawa State Nigeria (google is a great educator)! Love y’all. What do you guys want Baby Jesus or Santa to bring you for christmas?


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