“419 Reasons to Like Nigerians” – Initiative to Project a Positve Image of Nigeria

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This is an initiative by a group of young Nigerians. I got it from this blog here. Read the blurb below and volunteer. Lets show the world that Nigeria and Nigerian are great. We the best (word to DJ Khaled).

Dating far back to the 80’s, the term ‘419’ has associated Nigeria and Nigerians primarily with online financial scams – ‘Advance Fee Fraud’. Most unfortunately, the situation exacerbated to such an extent that the internet became overwhelmed with such negative news attributed to Nigeria.
In response to this, ‘The 419Positive Project’ was initiated, with an ambitious objective of generating four hundred and nineteen positive attributes about Nigeria and Nigerians. “If you could tell the world one remarkable thing about Nigeria and Nigerians, what would it be?” Furthermore, in Peter Reilly’s Forbes blog post (Aug 28, 2011), he suggested a similar intervention to his Nigerian audience – “Make lists of 419 reasons to like Nigeria and Nigerians…” His suggestion came as one remedial to his previous post (Nigerians Switching From Greed to Fear), after some Nigerians took exceptions to his views. Other online posts by Chika Uwazie, Nmachi Jidenma and Akin Akintayo, have further lent a voice in this regard.
Pulling these ideas and suggestions together, an online rebranding campaign is being furthered. The aim is clear – to consistently inundate the internet with positive Nigerian attributes, such that when anyone types in ‘419’ in a search engine, it yields positive commentary about Nigeria, irrespective of the pre-existing negativity. This drive is labelled 419 Reasons to Like Nigeria. Awareness is currently being ramped up online, with the topic having trended on Twitter in the early hours of 2nd of September. There will be the big bang launch on October 1, 2011 (Independence Day), of at least 100 Nigerian blogs and sites listing four hundred and nineteen remarkable reasons to like Nigeria, with subsequent monthly blog publishing till the end of 2011.
Every Nigerian with a blog, website, and online presence of any sort (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, account etc.) is encouraged to volunteer and be a part of this campaign. With sincerity and candour, it is true that some, in times past, have contributed unfortunately to the prevailing negative association of ‘419’ with Nigeria, however, the time is NOW for us to counter-strategise by providing alternative content via an online rebranding initiative.
To register your interest, simply send an email to volunteer@419Positive.org, with the subject –CAMPAIGN VOLUNTEER, and be sure to provide contact details (email address) so you can be reached subsequently. Volunteers will be contacted latest by the 9th of September, 2011.
Be a part of this drive…the time is now! Let’s tell the world 419 Reasons to Like Nigeria.


3 thoughts on ““419 Reasons to Like Nigerians” – Initiative to Project a Positve Image of Nigeria

    singlenigerian said:
    September 13, 2011 at 4:36 am

    Really and truly, what is the point of this movement? I saw it on facebook and I clicked to know more and then I stopped reading. We are doing exactly what our government is doing to us here.. Telling us things that don’t exist. If the only things I love about Nigeria are the five thins mentioned in the last post then how does it help us economically?
    We are just trying to paint a very black pot white when the blackness is not caused by anything we do. Sorry bruv, I feel rather emotional/patriotic this morning..

      Sir Fariku responded:
      September 14, 2011 at 7:57 pm

      I guess the point of the movement would be more to bring out the positive aspects of Nigeria and the Nigerian people. This ideally should be the job of a PR Machine or at least the Ministry of Information but as with power, water and other basic things we the people have to take charge or we will remain charlatans, thieves and vagabonds to the international community. Is it the most practical project as opposed to sinking boreholes across the country not necessarily but it does help in some way.

    The 419? Project « Single Nigerian said:
    September 14, 2011 at 5:31 am

    […] the matter. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get to know more by visiting Sir Fariku’s site  and I must confess I didn’t know the origin of the project, neither did I know how far it […]

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