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These days, I am blessed with free time yet I am still busy. I have lots to do yet I am lazy but at the same time I have nothing to do. Its whatever *kanye shrug*. I want to write about politics and the situation in Nigeria but I find myself disillusioned and suffering from a large writers block. So what do I do? I just listen to music. Whenever I m feeling sad, music picks me up and soothes me. Here are some songs I chill with

Omawumi – I go go

I believe Omawumi came second in West African Idols, or some singing show or the other. She has a lovely voice. This is a song from her upcoming album. It has a nice reggae vibe to it, and I do love me some reggae.

Keziah Jones – My Kinda Girl

The Last Keziah Jones song I listened to was Yansh Control but recently I rediscovered his music.

Reign by Bose Johnson

I heard this song the other day on the radio and I just loved it. Couldnt find it on youtube but found it on naijapals.

Bez – Stop Pretending and Supersun

Big fan of this dude right here, we patiently await his album release and yes I will buy/not download it

Femi ft Eedris Abdulkareem

I like how Eedris says “Ina son Lafiya’ Is he really trying to say, “He likes fine”? I no know o.

TY Bello – The Future

This stuff was/is on TV all the time. Love this lady’s hair and her voice. This song makes me very patriotic.

Be your man – Dipo

Being the corn ball I am, I like love themed music.

Asa – Why cant we

I love Asa’s album, Beautiful Imperfection. Its my go to chill album. Word. She also makes pretty good videos.

Comforter Song – Jeremiah Gyang ft Asa

Love this song, yes its from a bit back. “My heart is on fire, thats the reason I sing this song” I would really like Jeremiah Gyang to release a new album soon.

and since I m in the Gyang mood, one more for the road, Kauna Allah (meaning Love of God)

So thats all folks, That what I m chilling to at the moment. Trying to forget distant/immediate problems. MIMS said it best, Music is my salvation.


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