Nigerian Elections 2011, The Violence: A Letter to Northern Nigeria (Arewa)

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Before I write this letter, I would like to state that I am a Nigerian. I did not vote GEJ and I despise the PDP. However, I feel the violence going on is terrible and should be stopped. I have hence addressed a letter in hausa to my fellow “northerners”. We and indeed Nigeria deserves better than the violence.

The Letter (Wasika wa jama’a masu yin tawaye a arewa)

‘Yan uwa na sanun ku,

Gaskiya ‘yan arewa kuna ba ni kunya. Me ne ne ma’anan kashe kashe da ake yi soboda zabe? Haba mutane na, kun sa abin ya zama maganar addini da iskanci. Kuna kashe mutane wanda ba leifinsu? Ai, mun sani dalilin wannan tawaye shine tallauci da rashin boko kuma ya hadu da rashin wayo. In kuna da wayo, da kun yi tawaye ban da kashe kashe da ji wa mutane ciwo. Wanda suna da leifi a maganar tallauci da kuma rashin cin gaba na arewa ba christa ba, kuma ba ‘yan kudu ba. Wanda suna da leifi sune, masu mulki, su sarukuna da gwamnoni da ciyamomi. Me ya sa ina magana haka? Soboda sune suna cin kudi gwamnati, sune suna cin kudin kwantract. Sune dalili ba ku da ruwan sha, sune dalili wandansu wurare ba su da lantarki, sune dalili yaran mu basu zuwa makarantar kirki, sune dalili ba mu da taki yin noma. In har za ku kone gidar wani, ku kone gidar masu sata kudin mu. Wanda suna mulki, kuma wanda sun rude ku. Ai in sojoji da ‘yan sanda sun kasha ku, wanda sun zuga ku za su mutu ne? babu. Yaran su suna gida lafiya, suna zuwa makarantu masu kyau, kuma sun ci suna sha. To ku fada mini wannan mutane ba yaran Iblis ba. Me ya sa za su zuga mutanen mu su yi abun kunya kuma su suna zama lafiya sun jin dadin kudi.
Ai ba amfanin fada. Me ya sa? Mu a arewa mun yi mulki a Nijeriya wa shekaru sun kai arba’in. Ama ba mu da abun da za mu iya nuna wa shekarun mulki. Su Buhari da IBB me su ka yi wa arewa. Sun kawo mana ruwa ne? Sun sa yaran mu a makaranta ne? babu. Sun bar talakawa suna fama da wahala. Sun sa sauran Nijeriya sun bar mu a baya. Sun fi mu karatu kuma soboda haka suna samun aiki sosai ko a garin mu. Ai mulkin arewa be taba kawo wanna abin kirki mana ba. Masu zuga mu suna so kullum muna zuwa muna bara muna rokan su kudi. Ba su so su bamu aiki. Ai wannan tsantsammin reini ne.
‘Yan uwa na ku yi abu da wayo. Dena kashe kashe nan. Ku girar ran zabe na gwamna ku cire ‘yan karya da sata a mulki mu ku sa mutanen kirki wanda za su ja arewa da nijeriya gaba.

Naku a cin gaba,
Khalifa Ibn Gaskiya

If I were a political leader, I would probably say something like what I have written above. I m a bit lazy to translate but the gist of it is this, I have written a letter or message to those rioting and telling them that I understand their frustration at the poverty and pitiful situations they have been forced to live in and I understand their anger over the elections. I however feel that they could have protested without the violence, in fact I believe that their actions have been nothing short of foolish. Indeed the people to blame for the current state of the north are the political and religious leaders, the local government chairmen, and the governors who have misused funds meant for the development of the North. I went further to say that we as a region have had little to show for almost 40 years of power. Our leaders have enriched themselves and refused to educate the masses. They rather have us keep coming and begging them for money. The leaders who have incited us to violence, are sitting in their houses, they have money, food to eat and enough to drink. Their children are educated and are employed. They do not understand our struggle. They are using us for their own ends. As a stern believer in the Malcolm X maxim of freedom by any means necessary, I said that if indeed anyone should be lynched it should be the corrupt leaders of the north who have sold the region to keep their potbellies shiny.
To the rioters, we will die fighting soldiers and police, and for what? Are we fighting so that the leaders who incited us will continue to enrich themselves? I concluded by saying that the only way to move the north and indeed Nigeria forward was to vote out non performing leaders in the coming governorship elections. Our power is not in our weapons but in our votes

I applaud the efforts of the security operatives to quel the violence. I however feel that this occurence and the violence that has been occuring in Plateau state over the last decade point to a country that doesnt fully deal with issues. You just send soldiers to stop uprisings. Have we ever tried to bring out the underlying issues behind the violence and discuss them as a nation. Tribalism and religious bigotry is rampant in our country not just in the north. These people are just uneducated and poor enough to be easily manipulated into killing others. Maybe the National Orientation Agency should d their damn job! Maybe we need to finally learn how to be politically correct in this country. People speak and say inciteful speech without any repercussions. We need a law that makes inciteful speech whether in a church, mosque, office or any public place an offence.

I have spoken my piece. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Nigerian Elections 2011, The Violence: A Letter to Northern Nigeria (Arewa)

    Anderson Buzis said:
    April 21, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    Thanks for in effect using permissible grammar. Practically all sites were absolute gibberish. Wonderful website & writing skills. You my friend have Talent! I just StumbledUpon this. Not bad. I’ll give it a thumbs up.

    Abiola said:
    April 22, 2011 at 11:25 am

    I wish more people will stand up and speak like you. This violence is only setting us against each other for the sake of those who have hitherto enslaved us. Enough, in fact, is enough.

      Sir Fariku responded:
      April 24, 2011 at 8:56 pm

      Indeed enough is enough. We need to think in terms of out collective progress.

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