The Nigerian Revolution: Reaching the Masses

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I often criticise the Nigerian government and many times, I make observations and suggestions on how to move Nigeria forward. The good thing is there are quite a number of people out there who do this and sometimes do it better.

The one thing that gets me thinking is that in a country of mass illiteracy, a country where many lack access to internet facilities and those who do are checking their mail, porn, facebook or job hunting, maybe the message of progressives and agents of change are not being heard by the masses. I m not talking just because of the election, I m talking in general. The role of a critic and opposition is to bring attention to issues facing the populace and serve as a check to ensure the government does its job properly as well as serve as an agent of social change.

How are we going to change as a country if the masses don’t get the message? In the past people like Gani RIP, took to the television to crticise government policies. Now I know many of us are all hung up on using the internet to bring about social change but damn it what happened to making your voice heard?

I feel a solution to this would be a consortium or network of advocates who are passionate about implementing change in this country and are not afraid to pursue the truth and expose it as well as criticise bad policies, suggest better policies and bring to light problems facing the masses. Also a group of lobbyists who will be able to get bills and laws that will improve lives of the people passed. I m thinking of a group that will invest money in starting a media empire dedicated to this premise. A group that will be nationwide, on television, on radio, passing out magazines and pamphlets to the masses in languages they understand and making sure no corner of the country is left untouched in the spread of the progressive gospel. We need to move beyond rhetoric on facebook, twitter and all such. We need to embrace the fact that majority of the country is in poverty and ignorance and it is this ignorance that will allow bad government to continue to rule us.
You can’t have a revolution in Nigeria if it is done by 5-10% of the country who are progressive, educated, non tribalistic or regional in thinking because the majority will prevail so we need to educate the masses or we are doomed.


2 thoughts on “The Nigerian Revolution: Reaching the Masses

    tayo said:
    December 5, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    The way to actualise Nigeria revolution is through enlightment of the Nigerian populace via one on one canvassingn,sharing of handbills in public using TV and radio commercial to educate the populance.

    bestman nwanuo said:
    August 13, 2016 at 2:07 am

    the way to ensure revolution in nigeria is tthrough sensitazation of the populace throuhg town hall meetings ,media,public enlightment is what we need to bring revolution in this country

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