Thoughts on dreams, God and time.

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So anytime I watch the movie inception, I start to have wild range thoughts.

I am currently watching the movie and had to pause when I reached a part where the protagonist explains to another character that 5 minutes in real life is like an hour in dream time.

I feel like this assertion is true scientifically because what seems like a long time in a dream is a short time in real life.

So why did it get me thinking? Well you see, I immediately thought of the biblical saying that a day in God’s sight is like a thousand years to man. This is often used in arguments by christians about the 7 day creation, but that’s another topic. The importance of this biblical saying in relation to our dreams is that we might be living in Gods dream. Not sure if that makes any sense, what it brought out to me is that the process of dreaming is a process created by our minds and for the most part stays there. So follow me, our entire existence could be the creation of the mind of a higher being and we exist within their subconcious but are ultimately part of the overall conciousness and soul of the higher being. This might also explain why we can’t find God, we are within God and are literally on his mind.

Another point this underscores to me is the biblical assertion that we are created in Gods image. If God dreams and we are his dreams/creation and we are able to create ourselves whilst being a part of God’s conciousness then indeed we are all images of God in the sense that we all are a part of him.

Anyway, just a lil thought that crossed through my mind and I wanted to share.


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