2 Nigerias

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Found this quote the other day while looking through some old newspapers. It defines the 2 Nigerias

“The first Nigeria is occupied by a few people, mostly feeding off the state without delivering commensurate value. Most of its inhabitants amass stupendous wealth and patently false sophistication and lose all spiritual bearing; value construct, and existential context in the process. They despise and look down upon the occupants of the second Nigeria, who are scrambling for survival on all fronts; and on a daily basis, confronting the challenges of failing security, environmental degradation, epileptic power supply, lack of potable water, deficient healthcare delivery, poor education for their dependents etc and of course , denial of opporunity to maximize their God given potentials. To make it through the day, they compromise their innate values routinely.”
– From ‘Avoiding the road to perdition’ Back of the paper, Olufemi Adeagbo, Thisday Newspapers Saturday 9th October 2010


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