The Prince

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I often sit down and when in thought just write what I m thinking. This is one of my musings:

“Given to a fate less befitting of a prince, locked in an lowest dungeon he sat, wept and gnashed his teeth as the rodents scrambled around him, each waiting for a moment of weakness to pounce and nibble on his flesh. For the bruises, tears and chains were not proof enough of weakness. In fact, he was of a resolved and determined spirit and in this courage the true nature of his blue blood showed. He was no mere mortal at the mercy of fate, yes he cried but his tears were tears of anger. It was an inner anger, that he had let himself be swayed by the whims of destiny. Fate had another thing coming to her if she thought she could bind him and prevent him from claiming his crown. He was the crown prince, the lord of the air and all that surrounded him. A true son of the soil, the toil of generations before has put him where he is. The tormentor came and took away his joy, but in his sadness he finds peace. A peace that resonates with the universe, a peace and faith in the strength of his will for it was necessary that he undergo such hardship. A king is not a king if he cannot sink to the lowest pits of the abyss and still find the strength to rise up from it, a phoenix and ascend into the heavens in glorious majesty befitting for the landlord who owns the souls of his subjects. He is both king and priest, the bright and morning star, immortal and mortal, nothing can destroy him. His father bequeathed to him the keys to the kingdom and it is only his loyal subjects, those who fight the good fight that will inherit the treasures of his kingdom.”

When I wrote this, I was thinking about how sometimes we feel helpless at the mercy of destiny/fate/God and fail to realize that it is our destiny/fate/will of God that we should take control of our lives and live with the consequences of our actions. The lesson for me here was I should stop staying up late on coffee worrying about my future and do something about it.


One thought on “The Prince

    Geri said:
    October 31, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    “A king is not a king if he cannot sink to the lowest pits of the abyss and still find the strength to rise up from it…”
    My sister and I remind ourselves of this every day it seems.

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