In Limbo

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So I haven’t written anything in a while. I can’t claim to be busy, far from it. I m currently in the job market which in Nigerian terms means I sit at home unless I got some brilliant idea to start selling some ish or the capital to start my own business.

Since the last time I wrote, I have finished my NYSC. Moved back to the beautiful city of Abuja and have started making babies. Kidding about the making babies part, or am I? So the plan for graduate school is kind of postponed so in the meantime I am looking for a job.

Moving back to Abuja has been nice to a certain extent. I get to relax from the stress of Lagos and spend time with my lovely family. This is indeed a great time. It probably will signal the last time I ll stay this long in my parents house cos once I start working the visits will probably be shorter. At least I don’t think they ll exceed a month.

The main issue I m facing right now is that of boredom. I m at home day in day out and occasionally I go out but one does not derive the satisfaction of leaving the house in the morning and putting in an honest days labor. Yes people say Abuja is a fun city and way funner than it used to be but I riddle you this, what does a negro do in this city on a weekday besides stand around and hold his balls. Of course there are the movies but then you know you been there too much when you ve seen all the movies on offer and start recognizing some of the juvenile girls dressing all grown and on their church best at the abuja cinema, sigh.

It also hurts that as a jobless negro, money isn’t flowing in. My net cash flow is negative. As a nocturnal creature, I find it really annoying that I gotta curtail any night activities cos I live with my parents. I know some of y all thinking, you is a bad boy. The reality is the only life Abuja seems to have is a nightlife and a brother is losing shape due to lack of exercise. Dancing helps us shed some weight on that Kanye Workout tip. Its not that I m even a party animal like that, I just like the freedom to chill beyond 10pm. I m not one to sneak out of my parents house cos a) that’s disrespectful and b) I m a grown ass young man, only kids do that shit.

At the end of the day I know that I ll find a job to keep my occupied till I chart the course of the next phase in my life. I am thankful for this time despite my bitching above. Its been a time to rest my body and mind, chill with my baby sister, think and reflect about my future plans and moves and for that I m indeed thankful.


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