All that she wants…

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So I was at work today and it is kind of my last few days cos I have finished my nysc and stuff and getting ready to ship my ass out of lagos to go spend some time in Nigerias capital Abuja. Don’t tell anyone, I have some secret plans to take over power by force and institute a revolution of the people . Anyway that’s a story for another day.

So in the office we sometimes put the radio on to give a little background music to the work we doing. We not goofing off, I promise boss if you reading this. So a song comes up, “all that she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow…”. Immediately, I had the serious flashback to my 4 year old self.

Back in the day, me and my lil big headed self was too cute for TV, got my suspender and stick on tie game on. See, I was hip before you knew what a hip was. ‘Waisted’. In those days, we would go to other kids birthday parties, and all the kids would engage in a dancing competition all for some dumb prize that ended up being a polythene/nylon bag full of chin chin, meat and sweets. Smh. We would do the running man, some kids were on that MJ tip and just kept spinning, moonwalking and holding their groin. Inappropriate I know but we had no idea. Then there was the butterfly. Keep in mind we talking about early 90s.

I won a few of these dancing competitions, lol. The trick back then was to dance as vigorously as possible and I was an active high on red bull kinda kid. I would also make sure I positioned myself where the ‘aunty’ who was judging the dancing competition could see me.

Of course in the united states of naija, no kid party in the 90s was complete without pictures of the celebrant and friends and the cake with bottles of soda/mineral arranged around it like some kind of status symbol. Then of course there was rice, typically jollof rice and chicken. I was a big fan of the rice, shit I still am a big fan of jollof rice jo. Its the way to my heart, ladies take notes. And there were balloons which us razz kids called “bollom bollom”.

Anyway the song all that she wants by ace of bass, had me reminiscing about those 90s kids birthday parties, what you remember from the 90s. The song is below


One thought on “All that she wants…

    Geri said:
    October 31, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    This made me grin so hard! lol. I was that kid who always won the dance competitions ha ha. I danced my little ass off too.

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