NYSC: a debrief

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<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 330px"end of my nysc career

end of my nysc career

So yesterday I finished my national youth service. For those of you who don’t know what NYSC – National Youth Service Corps is, I ll ellucidate.

The NYSC is a Nigerian scheme for those who have completed college that lasts for about a year. Basically you do an internship for like a year, weekly community development and report monthly to ensure the federal government pays you. Oh yeah I forgot, its starts out with a 3 week boot camp, you march, play sports, drink, dance and have fun if you are the type to enjoy that kind of thing. NYSC is basically required if you want to work or ever hold a political office. Seeing as a nigga wants to rule the country with an iron fist and bring change I figured I should do it.

Its also a good way to be reintroduced to Nigeria and the Nigerian way of doing things at the grassroots. As a foreign graduate or foreign student (I woulda smacked a fool cos I m nigerian bitch) as some people erroneously referred to me at the camp, I had to register in Abuja before camp and prove I actually went to school by presenting my transcripts and college degree. They gave me slack over my degree which unlike some other ivies is in english but reads like terribly translated latin which it is.

So I made it to lagos, went to camp. Made some friends and ish, marched a lil bit. Partied hard like I m supposed to. After camp, work started. Got put at an oil company, faced daunting traffic to and from work everyday. Like for real, I was in New York and rush hour traffic got nothing on lagos “go slow”. Imagine NYC with no subways and almost everyone got cars and they heading in the same direction and of course year round summer in this beach. Anyway I was fortunate to get a staff bus and free lunch.

I learnt that to get anything people basically hustle and push and shove even when in a queue. That’s the nysc experience, you see people skipping the line cos they feel like VIPs. Niggas be trifling. I got some tips for those considering nysc

1) Have money in camp, don’t bring shit you can lose. Take up leadership positions and befriend officials so you don’t get posted to a dump. To be a proper Nigerian you gotta be a good lobbyist that goes for after camp, getting a decent community development and getting a job after nysc.

2) Foreign students don’t be snobbish interact with folks so you get the real experience and the inside track on naija life. Also take the nysc as a big networking event cos amongst you are future ceos, governors, senators, superstars and ish.

3) Explore wherever town or city you are posted to with friends. In my case, I even developped a database of hangout spots in lagos.

4) Goes without saying, get your accomodation on lockdown and the closer to your place of work the better for you. Also if you are going to be alone the first thing you should get is a generator. No power is a bad bitch with herpes.

All in all, I enjoyed and I m glad to be done. Thank Yeshua n ish.

– The Ashy philosopher aka now a jobless nigga aka rationalchaos


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