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Dead Presidents

As part of the delusions of grandeur I often posses I have sat down and imagined myself as President of Nigeria (Could apply to a couple third world countries)…the question is what will I do? How will I make a difference? As a result, I decided to sit down and give some random and maybe naïve ideas I would have. Of course, I m not going to consider the logistical hurdles sometimes faced in achieving this goal, I m going to OBAMA it and say yes we can to everything (Got mad love for my homie Barack of course).

One of the first things I will strive to address is the country’s power problem. Nigeria counts itself among the select few where each individual is his/her own power plant. Power is so unstable that almost everybody owns a generator and the average Nigerian is an amateur electrical engineer. So here is my agenda on power

First I will allow private companies to come into play in the power sector. Currently power is only distributed by the Government Power Company, PHCN. (Please Hold your Candles Near). Such companies will be allowed to operate in the country. Solar and Wind companies would be invited to operate in highly sunny and arid areas of the north. Gas, Nuclear as well as Hydro Power will also be utilized with the caveat that power produced does not have to sent to the national grid hence giving states and regions the incentives to advance the initiative quicker. PHCN would be allowed to continue to operate at cheaper prices for those who want their very poor service while the Private and State companies will provide a subsidized per hour initiative. This way if you want to have power for 12 hours a day, accounting for the hours you are home on the weekdays and 24 hours for the weekends you can.

The next thing is health. On that count, I will make health free for children up until 18, pregnant women and people over 50. I will make it a requirement for at least every town/ Local government should have a hospital. Incentives would be given to private hospitals and health providers in terms of subsidies and grants for establishing hospitals in rural areas or for following the government hospital policy of free treatment for the groups mentioned above.

On education, my scheme for the University system is to bolster alumni donations to universities by giving tax breaks and other incentives to donors. I will encourage universities to engage in research by giving grants to develop research ideas into businesses and when the businesses start off the government will buy shares in the companies to ensure returns. I will also make education free up until secondary school and fund the establishments of trade, craft and technical schools. Primary education will be compulsory and to that effect we will ensure the establishment of schools in each town and local government of the federation using the same incentives as used for private hospitals. I will also borrow a page from other countries by inviting world renowned universities to open branch campuses in Nigeria.

In terms of syllabus, at level of education Nigerian and African history will be taught as well as emphasis on home grown literature. Also, from an early age national unity and cultural and religious tolerance will be taught and brainwashed into kids. All Nigerian languages will be an option to be taught in schools with the 3 major ones compulsory.
On the economy, I feel diversification is needed. In that light, I will undertake a national mineral and resources survey and seek development of other minerals such as tin, coal as well as agricultural resources such as cocoa, oil palm, groundnut and cotton. Also the country will make use of the natural gas reserves that are currently not fully utilised. I will also make our country have strict bank secrecy policies in terms of foreign account holders to make it the banking haven of Africa.

Now how would I tackle security problems in the country, I think by diversifying the economy, providing more schools, industries, hospitals etc. There will be more employed people hence less crime. In terms of the police and security agencies, they will be provided with better equipment to fight crime. A quick response team will be put in every part of the country, states will be allowed to have their own security agencies to supplement the work of the police and the web will be used as an instant feedback tool to improve services. A CCTV system will be put in place in all parts of the country to reduce crime. Vigilante groups and security guard groups will be registered and more closely regulated. As for corruption, all suspected money grabbers will be investigated and summarily punished with weighty terms and forfeiture of all wealth (aside living wages to preserve their families).

Development of tourism areas and resorts for both the wealthy and non wealthy will be in full force to encourage a more robust relaxation culture.

So folks here is my manifesto as you soon to be President for life what do you think.
Song by Jigga, It is quite the throwback.


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