In the beginning

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So here I go with this new blog, currently at the office. Its past closing time and I m particularly pissed that my boss kept me here doing work that I was supposedly going to review with him and negro just up and left and locked his office. smh.

On a less pissed off note, I d just like to say in the begining there was Africa and in the dangerous ‘dark’ continent lay a cluster-frag of a country with more density than china called Nigeria.

Apparently we are the happiest people on earth, go figure. In your face capitalist western civilization with all your indoor plumbing and iphones that make you think you are cool.

I am a son of the wind, guardian of the breeze. Never mind that my nation is so corrupt that based on that stupid reputation, you probably think I ll try to scam you and sell you the air for an advance fee. Your loss for thinking such bull.

Born in the most populous black nation on earth, I feel like I m kunta kintes great uncle. My thoughts dont make sense right now but hopefully they someday will.

Until then, i ll leave you with the musical stylings of K’naan – The dusty foot philosopher.


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