A Nation to Save Africa and The Black Race

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I wanted to write something in honor of Black History/Heritage Month which is celebrated February in the US. I m not in the US anymore, havent visited in some years but going to college there gave me an appreciation of black history and a more pan-black/african mindset. The other day I thought to myself, wouldnt it be interesting to name one of the kids I havent had yet Malcolm Xavier F so in essence he would be Malcolm X F and then give my other kid Martin/Martina. Anyway I was reading Obasanjo’s book and he made a point that struck me as true: Nigeria should have been the beacon of hope for Africa and heck the entire black race. Heck we should have been what Israel is to the Jewish race (clears throat before the Jewish mafia put out a hit on me, No antisemitism implied at at all), a sort of chosen people to show the rest of the black race and heck the world how it should be done. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear APC/PDP Voltrons on Social Media

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Dear Die Hard APC and PDP People who sit on social media (especially twitter) and bully the rest of us when we try to express our somewhat neutral and objective views and who refuse to listen to reason,
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Dear Nigerians – Five Things ->

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Dear Nigerians,

1. No, Boko Haram and the insurgency is not a conspiracy by the North or even Northern leaders to make Jonathan look bad. I hear grown intelligent men and women down here below the Niger spew this rubbish and it makes me boil. What the hell is wrong with people in this country? I recently saw on the internet that 85 percent of people in the South South and South East believe Boko Haram is a Northern conspiracy against Jonathan, they also believe there were no Chibok girls (see 2 below) So a region decides to destroy itself to make a leader look bad? Get out of here! People have died and it is an insult to their memory to question the legitimacy of their deaths by turning it into a conspiracy theory. Read the rest of this entry »

The Nigerian Millitary: A Tribute and Debrief

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January 15th is Armed Forces day in Nigeria and is a day that is supposed to provide an avenue for our citizens to remember those that have fought for this country and in many cases died in the line of duty. It should be a day when we put all our bullshit partisanship, ethnic and religious differences and pay tribute to the Nigerian soldier. Read the rest of this entry »

2015 Elections: The Choice Before Us – GMB Part 2

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My Fellow Nigerians,

Not exactly 24 hours after the first post but I had to pause and watch the kickoff of both campaigns by the presidential candidates. For the first time in history GEJ sounded like he had some balls. Although he rambled on and on and was mostly on the defensive with almost every statement being prefixed with “they say”. However I do commend the passion he showed, a passion I never thought he had even though it was a bit of passion without substance. He did defend some of the accusations against him and dropped some new bombs at us (MEND hired to assassinate him, really bro? After you exonerated them 4 years ago?). Even if the opposition does not win the presidential elections, I believe our democracy has become richer because of the strong opposition we have. We are now seeing the ruling party sit up so to say because of their fear of the opposition which isnt an achievement in itself because indeed all governments should fear their people and we should be their first priority. Anyway, today let us enter the valley of the shadow of APC. Read the rest of this entry »

2015 Elections: The Choice Before Us – GEJ Part 1

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My Fellow Nigerians,

It has been a long 54 years plus of existence and as we enter this new year it seems that the choice we make in the upcoming elections will determine not only the short but the medium and long term future of this country. It will determine the type of nation we want to live in and the nation we want our children and grandchildren to live in. We are holding our future in our hands. The Presidential elections are in a month and 6 days or so by my calculation and it is quite the choice. Personally, I am not overly impressed by either of the two main candidates or their parties but it seems when forced to pick between the devil and the deep blue sea one might pick the sea on the off chance that one can swim and perhaps get rescued. On the other hand, if one picks the devil what awaits is eternal damnation. it is the topic on everyone’s lips in Nigeria nowadays so I figured with my new years resolution of writing more let me give it a dig. Read the rest of this entry »

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

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Hi people! I would like to wish everybody a happy new year first of all. I apologize for not posting for the whole month of December. I had a shitload of deadlines and a review at work which kept me unusually busy and a bit anti-social at times. I did write up a few drafts that I am sure you will get to see in the coming weeks and months.

2014 on a personal note was not a bad year. Made some new friends, lost some friends and family (death was not kind in 2014), broke up and got into new relationships, got a new job, moved to a new apartment and also started on the path to becoming a homeowner some day. It was a year that saw me party quite a bit, procrastinate for Africa and fall behind on tithe (10 percent donation to charity/church), 2014 saw me become somewhat spiritually dead and not quite in tune with my relationship with God. Record low church attendance and devotions and meditation was a bit few and far between. I didn’t mess around with prayer though and in many instances God came through for me in 2014 even though I was definitely not worthy. I think in 2014 I put whatever atheist/agnostic leanings I had behind me and became a believer although I do not think I am religious still.

Looking forward to 2015, I am hoping for peace in Nigeria. I hope for a peaceful election that will bring the type of leaders we need to move forward. On a personal note, I hope 2015 would be the last year of single Sir F. I hope to become a homeowner, finish that long overdue masters and excel at work. I plan to blog more, pray more, tithe more, love more, drink less and be a better person.

Anyway, Happy new year folks. So what were the highlights of your 2014 and what do you hope to achieve in 2015? Sharing is caring!